The PhenoPen

Nothing but nature’s finest

PhenoPen - CBD stick
PhenoPen – CBD stick

Constructed by top quality raw materials and superb engineering to produce the revolution in vaping. Relief has never been so safe, effective and natural.

PhenoPen two pieces

  • Cartridge – A smooth and comfortable mouthpiece connected to an advanced cartridge with safe ceramic heating. Each cartridge is sealed and tamper proof.
  • Body – A powerful battery pack combined with a unique breath actuator for comfortable fast response vaping.

The PhenoPen gives off a vibration during use to replicate the feeling of inhaling and lets you know when it’s time to charge with light indication. Our advanced device was designed, developed and manufactured for medicinal comfort in use with PhenoPen Cartridges.

PhenoPen Specifications

  • Battery capacity: 320 mAh
  • Power output: 8.5 W
  • Charging current: 300 mA (1.5 W)
  • Length: 105mm with sleeve installed
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Weight: 27 grams

Data driven CBD B2B marketplace

As the leading provider to offer turnkey solutions catered to the growing e-Commerce industry and wellness sector of Cannabis/CBD, we like to think of MabsutLife as a unique one-stop-shop that enables our partners to best maximize profits and minimize risks.

MabsutLife data driven CBD B2B Marketplace
MabsutLife data driven CBD B2B Marketplace explained

CBD Services and Partnerships driven Portfolio

  • A complete eShop personalized with your brand & logo in just a few clicks
  • A choice of 2 styles:
    • Marketplace – choose from dozens of existing brands with hundreds of products for drop shipping
    • Private label – just select the products and upload your logo!
  • Storage, Pick & Pack, Shipment – let us take care of the logistics
  • Payment Services – never lose a deal again
  • In-house Marketing Agency – we support our clients with both technology and online traffic