MabsutLife is invested in the wellbeing of our customers, and we believe it is time you invest in yourself. Long known for the healing effects on both mental and physical symptoms, MabsutLife believes in the application of cannabis components to improve health and general quality of daily life.

We deliver these medical values in a legal, safe and comfortable way with the highest bioavailability. From skin care to pain management, bone growth stimulation to inflammation alleviation, the elements of cannabis have been applied to natural remedies for generations.

B2C & B2B CBD Market

The PhenoPen is a high-end vaping device that delivers a formulation of CBD extract directly to the body for swift and substantial relief, or to simply feel good. It is the finest pen you can carry in your pocket.

CBD holds significant medicinal benefits for the treatment of chronic pain with no known side-effects. A unique 100% pure CBD based cannabis extract, the PhenoPen provides relief for the following symptoms:

  • Anti anxiety
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Pain relief
  • Insomnia
  • And many more

Sharing the CBD Love

MabsutLife believes in equal opportunity for both customers and partners within the CBD community. We are the leading provider to offer turnkey solutions catered to the growing e-Commerce industry and wellness sector of Cannabis/CBD.

Think of MabsutLife as a unique one-stop-shop, empowering our partners to best maximize profits and minimize risks.