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Mabsut life was founded as a consortium of companies from the Hi-Tech, technology, finance and MMJ to create a full cycle solution as a “seed to sale” provider to achieve excellence in MMJ treatment.

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Mabsut Life

Mabsut is a consortium of companies dedicated to excellency in varying fields, among others: Technology / Marketing / Streamlining of administrative flow and fund raising.


Mabsut life enjoys the full managerial and administrative support, along with the dedication of other Mabsut's affiliates in all terms of innovation, marketing, financing, in a way that few companies have enjoyed before.

Superior Team

Mabsut Life has recruited the best professionals from Israel and abroad to construct the first full ``seed to sale`` operation with experts in all the related fields: genetics / cultivation / post - production (analytical labs and advanced PP facility).

Key Partnerships

Mabsut life had entered an LOI to form a partnership with Geoprom (a licensed and distributer of herbal medication in Macedonia, the Balkans, Asia and Africa) and hired the best professionals from the Israeli Pharma industry to develop along with our Geoprom partners and utilizing all the required trade accreditations Geoprom has to develop the most advanced clinically validated MMJ products.

Market Dominancy

Mabsut's management team together amassed dozens of years of combined experience and have dealt with the MMJ trade in the States, Europe and Israel and had also hired the services of lobbyists with influence of all pertaining governments to MMJ and have obtained full cooperation and support of those ministers. We have so far amassed purchase orders from 3 different countries and the local market and expect starting of sales within 6 months.

Our Activities

Mabsut Life is addressing the issue of MMJ as a multiple prong mission. Genetics / Cultivation / Post-Production / Analytical / Processing / Formulation / D.D.S To provide the ultimate MMJ care to our patients

Key Partners


A 25 year old herbal medical company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution in the Balkans and abroad.


Technologically advanced internet based B2C marketing system that enables us to move all OTC products worldwide without dependance of distributers


A European-based expert Medical Cannabis company, MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: MXC) is driven by the goal to be a global innovator in Phytocannabinoid-based medicine within the biopharmaceutical industry.


Grow In AG was established in 1995 and now offers one of the largest international ranges of carefully tested and selected items for successful crop cultivation. We also integrate our experience and ideas in product development. Internal brands such as GIB Lighting, Elektrox and Ventilution have attained leading roles in the market and permit individual solutions to customer requirements.

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